A message from the WSSA president-elect

Hello WSSA Members,
To begin with, a congratulations is due to the Snow Devils for putting on another incredible hill climb!  It’s always great to get together with both new and old friends.  The weather cooperated part of the time, but the snow made the event memorable.  For those who appreciate a spill every now and then, the carnage was definitely available for your viewing pleasure.  As usual the climb was well attended, the booths were stocked full of goodies to bring home, and I think they may have even sold a beer or two.   Thank you Snow Devils for this great event and all of the money you donate to the WSSA as well as other groups and individuals.
 Please remember to reach out to your contacts at your Forest Service offices and lets all take advantage of a great partnership opportunity with the Good Stewards Act.  With the cutbacks to these governmental groups now more than ever is the time to reach out, help, and make a positive difference in keeping access to our forests.
This summer there may be some field trips planned for July, please attend these and bring positive comments as well as positive solutions to the table for the Travel Management Plan.  The only way we can keep access  as users is to be involved and have solutions.
Our WSSA Directors need to be involved in making sure these events and meetings are well attended by people from your respective areas.  We need to have a good presence so the Forest Service knows we are willing to stand up for public access to public lands and in particular, multiple use.
I hope everyone will have the opportunity to get a few good spring rides in before the snow goes away.  Have a great month and thank you for your involvement and support of the WSSA.
Taylor Jones
WSSA President

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