Access Wyoming – consider a donation

The Access Wyoming program was started in 2005 in an effort to better position the WSSA to assist in defending snowmobiling in Wyoming.

Anti-snowmobiling group attacks, travel management planning, forest plan revisions, federal agency funding and endangered species listings are just a few of the threats we face each year. If left unchecked, these threats would result in the loss of even more open snowmobiling areas.

Meeting those threats head-on is one of the most important functions of the WSSA and we often must bear the burden alone.

The cost of legal expenses, travel, consultants and more are necessary to fulfilling our mission and are only met through the efforts of our club and individual donors.

That generosity is not taken for granted and therefore, the Access Wyoming fund is used only for bona fide expenses directly used to protect our riding areas. Expenditures from the fund are reviewed by the WSSA board of directors and all financial records are available to any interested WSSA member.

Whether you represent a club, a business or are an individual snowmobiler, please consider a donation to the Access Wyoming. We are the only organization dedicated to Wyoming’s snowmobiling opportunities and your donation allows us to continue to ensure you have access to the world-class riding we all enjoy.

To donate, download a donation form here, or contact the WSSA.

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