Wyoming House Bill No. HB0024 is a transportation bill currently at the state legislature. An amendment was added to the bill that would be devastating to snowmobiling and all off-road vehicle recreation in Wyoming!
The bill goes to the House Floor on Monday, March 1st!

We need you to call and email your House Representatives and tell them:
VOTE NO on the proposed amendment to HB0024!

Potential Effects if passed:

  • The State Trails Program funding could be cut in half
  • The snow side could be cut by approx. $1.2 million per year, meaning:
    • 50,000 miles of grooming could be eliminated
    • 6 to 8 groomers could be eliminated
    • Grooming in the following areas could be eliminated:
      • Black Hills
      • Casper
      • Gros Ventre
      • Kemmerer
      • Lander
      • Powder River/Big Horns
    • Once grooming goes away, use could drop, making it easier for anti-motorized groups to push for the areas to be wilderness
  • The dirt side could be cut by approx. $1.0 million per year, meaning:
    • No new summer trails or programs
  • Potentially jeopardizing approx. $1.4 per year in RTP money
  • Costing the state untold dollars and potentially upwards of $100,000,000 per year in tourism money
  • The amendment also attacks boating facilities and usage

You can find your representative using this link:

If you know any of the Representatives on the Transportation Committee, please contact them immediately! They are:
Donald Burkhart, Jr – HD15
Mark Baker – HD60
Landon Brown – HD09
Marshall Burt – HD39
Bill Henderson – HD41
Joe MacGuire – HD35
Kevin O’Hearn – HD59
Jerry Obermueller – HD56
Clarence Styvar – HD12

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