Charity Update

I would like to congratulate all of the clubs that attended fun days and those of you that have already turned in your charity reports to me.

We are a giving bunch of people and we ought to be extremely proud. I received charity reports from 7 clubs. Those 7 clubs in the last year have donated $23,800 to major charities, $89,128 to local charities for a total of $112,928 and 4223 hours of volunteer time. That doesn’t even include what we did this year at Fun Days.

We had a lot of fun again this year at Fun Days. We raised an additional $2035 for Access Wyoming, $735 for Wyoming Cares, and $19713 for the Scholarship.

I also have it on good authority that the Stahl’s were able to raise $10,088 at the art auction that was held at BearLodge.

Congratulations to everyone!

Brenda Miller

WSSA Charity Chair

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