Update from the WSSA President

Hi Folks,

I hope your season is going great. Well by now you have all heard that House Bill 32 has passed and has been signed by the Governor. I would like to take the time to thank all of you folks who have been involved in helping to get this bill passed. I can tell you that getting this bill passed during a budget session was going to be an uphill battle. You all believed in the bill and came with your A game and did a unbelievable job and I congratulate all of you.

Well Fun Days in Cody was a lot of Fun and I sure did enjoy seeing all of you. What a great job we all did on raising money for the scholarship. It is hard to believe you all raised $19,700 for the scholarship fund and I know eleven kids are very happy.  Plus great job Jamie and John Lee and Leah Moberg, your letters to the TRW Committee were great. Also thank you Jackson for all your help this was a lot of fun.

To President Rob Marshall of the Cody club: good job on your challenge to the other clubs for Access Wyoming. Your $500 challenge ended up raising $1,500 thanks to the other clubs for stepping up to the challenge. We also did a good job for Wyoming Cares.

We even had fun on the mountain. Can you believe it was around 17 below zero when we left!! On the top of Sunlight pass it was 22 below but did that stop us? No way! Luckily on the top of the Beartooth Mountains it was not as cold still below zero but we all had a lot of fun and we had a great lunch too.

Congratulations to all the award winners I know all of your clubs are very proud of you and WSSA is too.

Mr. Jeff Moberg, I am sorry the weather kept you and your family from making Fun Days this year. I was very happy to get you on the phone with Ron McKinney to help present you with the Snowmobiler of the Year award from State Trails. We have served together for over four years and I am very proud to have served with you.  Congratulations, this is one of the best awards you can receive and you are well deserving of the award.

Our WSSA meeting was very informational and I thank you all for attending.

Well let’s have some more fun this year and if some of you make it to Jackson for the Hill Climb I hope to see you there.

Be safe,


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